Talking About Organizations Book is COMING

and we INVITE ALL OF THE TAOP COMMUNITY to be part of it!

Talking About Organizations Podcast is teaming up with SAGE Publishing to create an edited volume loosely based on the topics of the First Season of the podcast. The aim of the book is to build on the qualities the podcast is best known for to create a book about foundational principles of management and about how (and why) these foundational principles apply to practice and how they matter today (or don't).

What makes this book special?

  • The book is crowdsourced from the TAOP community, engaging you, the podcast listeners, to share as much or as little as you want to the chapter(s) of your choice. In doing so, we want this book to be as conversational as possible - something that would be impossible to achieve without having as many clever and amazing listeners as TAOP has! 
  • The book is less focused on explaining theory (although there is an introductory element of that too) and more on showing how that theory connects with broader themes in management, how it applies to practice, and how it is (or is not) still relevant today.