Every now and again we bring you a special episode to highlight a conversation, theme, or milestone we think is important. Here is a list of all the Special Episodes:

Episode 12: On the Role of Conferences. Featuring Paul Duguid and Emma Bell. 

This was our very first special episode, recorded from the OLKC2017 Conference in St. Andrews, Scotland. Dmitrijs and Ralph were joined by Professors Paul Duguid and Emma Bell to talk about what it is that academic conferences do, should do, and don't do. This was also our first and, to date, only attempt to videotape an episode (needless to say, it didn't work out very well and we hid the footage deep within the Indiana Jones warehouse!).   

First Anniversary Special!

TAOP turned 1 on the 13 October 2016 and we decided to mark the occasion by reflecting on the journey thus far, talking about what we liked and didn't like, and reflecting on how each of us got involved with the podcast.

Episode 21: Small Research, Big Issues. Featuring Brian Pentland and Katharina Dittrich.

This was a wonderful 2-part conversation held in parallel with the 'Connections in Action' workshop held by the IKON Research Unit at the University of Warwick over the 5th-6th December 2016. Part 1 was recorded before the workshop and Part 2 was recorded after. Katharina, our very first guest from back in Episode 4, makes a return appearance and Brian Pentland sings a song at the end of Part 1, just for you!

Episode 31: PROS Special. Two Episodes featuring Professors Trish Reay, Tammar Zilber (Part 1), Hari Tsoukas and Ann Langley (Part 2).

Wonderful two episodes from the amazing International Process Symposium 2018 recorded over two days by Dmitrijs and Ella. Part 1 focuses on introduction to institutional theory and Part 2 revolves around the conference itself and the process view in organization studies.

Episode 32: Organizational Studipidy. Featuring Mats Alvesson and Bjorn Erik Mork.

A second annual OLKC Conference Special, this time with Ralph sitting down with Mats Alvesson (also guest on Episode 28) and Bjorn Erik Mork to talk about what 'organizational stupidity' is, and when it may be a good idea to have some.