This one-day symposium will provide a venue for scholars to explore work and employment dynamics in the GIG economy, to go beyond the hype and TO examine continuities, as well as disruptions, in the ways labour is increasingly managed through algorithms RATHER than THROUGH people

We aim (1) to refine and advance our understanding of the sharing economy, with particular attention to its relation to the classical organizational and management scholarship of Taylor, Fayol, Maslow, Weber (e.g., links between algorithmic management and scientific management); and (2) to explore methods suitable to grasp the sharing economy as an object of inquiry. This event is inspired by podcast Episodes 18 and 36.

The symposium is of exploratory character and will include a mix of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions in which participants can discuss their work in small groups. In particular, since most empirical studies of the sharing/gig economy are still ongoing, we hope to expose participants to different methodological approaches and to illustrate links with theoretical discussions from earlier organizational literature.

The symposium is going to be held in Jubilee Building Room G30, at the School of Business, Management and Economics, University of Sussex.

Directions will be signposted from the entrance to the building, which you can find on campus map (click here) under B5.

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