In our inaugural season, brought to you with the support of the IKON Research Unit at the Warwick Business School, we hit on some of the most famous and most central classics in management theory. You will find the following themes in this season:

  1. Scientific Management (Episodes 1,2,4)

  2. Human Motivation (Episodes 3,7,8,9)

  3. Organizational Routines (Episode 4)

  4. Organizational Culture (Episodes 9,10,11)

  5. Organizational Sociology (Episode 6)

As well as our first 'Special' episode from the OLKC2016 Conference, where Dmitrijs and Ralph sat down with Professors Paul Duguid (UC Berkeley) and Emma Bell (Keele University) to talk about academic conferences and their relevance (or lack of thereof), MOOC's, unconferences, and many other fascinating things!