Season 4

Season 4 marked a couple of milestones in the life of TAOP: First, the School of Business, Management and Economics at the University of Sussex stepped in to take over the support of the show from our original sponsor - IKON Research Centre at the University of Warwick Business School; and, Second, the podcasts' internal complexity evolved enough to necessitate a bureaucratic structure (we are, actually, very excited about this). As a result of the latter, Ralph Soule became the first ever Chair (aka 'Season Leader') of Talking About Organizations Podcast!

In terms of the episodes, unlike the previous season, where we welcomed many guests on the show to talk about their work, Season 4 saw the return to our original format of fewer guests and more of us (working to figure these ideas out). Season 4 comprised of the following episodes:

Episode 33: The Foreman - Master and Victim of Doubletalk (by Roethlisberger)

Episode 34: Sociotechnical Systems (by Trist and Bamforth) 

Episode 35: The Managed Heart (by Arlie Hochschild)

Episode 36: The Human Capital Hoax (by Peter Fleming)

Episode 37: Socrates on Management: Oeconomicus by Xenophon (with Special Guest Peter Adamson)

Episode 38: Organizational Ethnography - Police Socialization (by Van Maanen)

Episode 39: Organizational Choice - the Garbage Can Theory (by Michael Cohen)

Episode 40: Special Episode from Symposium on Continuities, Disruptions and Management in the Gig Economy

Episode 41: Images of Organization (by Gareth Morgan)