Season 3 - JMS Classics

For Season 3, brought to you with the continued support of the IKON Research Unit at the Warwick Business School, Talking About Organizations is joining forces with one of the leading academic journals - the Journal of Management Studies - to discuss eight of their Classic articles! This season is significant in that not only did we collaborate with a major academic journal, but we also had a special guest for every single one of the Classic episodes, many of whom were actual authors of the works! 


  • Episode 23: Hoskisson, R.E. et al. (2013) Emerging Multinationals from Mid-Range Economies: The Influence of Institutional and Factor Markets. Featuring Special Guest: Mike Wright
  • Episode 24: Starbuck, W. (1992) Learning by Knowledge-Intensive Firms. Featuring Special Guest: William Starbuck
  • Episode 25: Porac, J. et al. (1989) Competitive Groups as Cognitive Communities. Featuring Special Guest: Sarah Kaplan
  • Episode 26: Weick, K. (1988) Enacted Sensemaking in Crisis Situations. Featuring Special Guest: Thomas Roulet
  • Episode 27: Pettigrew, A. (1987) Context and Action in the Transformation of the Firm. Featuring Special Guest: Andrew Pettigrew OBE
  • Episode 28Alvesson, M. (1993) Organizations as Rhetoric: Knowledge-Intensive Firms and Struggle with Ambiguity. Featuring Special Guest: Mats Alvesson
  • Episode 29: Simon, H. (1967) The Business School: A Problem in Organizational Design. Featuring Special Guest: Denise M. Rousseau
  • Episode 30: Willmott, H. (1993) Strength is Ignorance; Slavery is Freedom: Managing Culture in Modern Organizations