Season's Greetings from TAOP!


December has come and we are all ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. As traditions call, this means gathering together with our loved ones, to exchange wishes, to celebrate, to look over the past year in the good and in the bad and to start the new year off in the best of ways. And it is with this philosophy that we are gathered here today (except Miranda, who is in Italy with little to no internet access!).

First of all, the past year has been the first year of the journey of the podcast. It’s been a short one for the podcast too, having started in October only. All the joy and excitement of setting up, the organizing, the definition of the structure and of how to do things has been at the core of 2015.

Also, we have started to have wonderful encounters. Firstly, we have met and gotten to know each other, our wonderful fellow podcasters and we have started talking to you, our listeners. And you have been most amazing as well as far more numerous than we imagined at this point.

We have also started to meet our guest speakers, who have contributed further with enlightening considerations on our discussions on organizations. From them you are familiar with Katharina Dittrich who appeared on Episode 4, but there are many others we are working will whose identities will be revealed in time! Needless to say that this is just the beginning of the journey and the new year shall only have further special encounters waiting for all of us who take pride and see tremendous value in talking about organizations and what this project stands for.

Secondly we have received unexpected but amazing feedback on our podcast, from Professors Karl Weick, Paul Carlile, Gerald McGivern, Chris Grey, Janice Tolk and Davide Nicolini as well as amazing people like Earl Carnes, Daniel Semper, Rita Meyerson, Trisha Greenhalgh, Todd Conklin and Philipp Hukal among many others. We found ourselves both humbled and encouraged by their, and your, feedback so early on. We are, of course, also very grateful to the IKON research unit at the University of Warwick, lead by Professors Jacky Swan and Davide Nicolini, and administered by Dawn Cotton, for their amazing support.

We are so excited about how supportive you, as listeners, have been of this new project, so we would like to share some stats with you. Since launching the podcast on the 13th of October, there have been just over 1000 of you to visit our website from all over the world. You have looked at its pages just under 6000 times over 1.8 thousand visits. A little under 500 of you are now subscribing to our RSS feed on iTunes or other equivalent platform every month and an average of a little over 320 listen to us every single week. Two-and-a-half months in this is just mindblowing! Thank you so much!

As for the podcast, next year we will continue with what we started. If you haven’t seen yet, on our website we published long-range episode plan up until May or so, so you can check it out to know what to expect! In addition to this, we will be releasing two new short segments next year, one called summaries, which will be released alongside or shortly after part 2 of an episode and provide a brief description of it and key points from our discussion. Our vision for Summaries is to provide our time-strapped listeners with a preview and key take-aways from the episode.

Another brief segment, called Inspirations, will feature various guests who, in an interview format, will share what it is that gets them out of bed in the morning and what are the fascinating things they are inspired by right now. We are very excited for the initial line-up and we hope that you will find this, slightly different, feature of the podcast enjoyable. We hope to release both new features over January next year.

Thank you for being here and for listening to us! We would all like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!