Announcing Season 3!

We are delighted to announce Season 3! Brought to you with the continued support of the IKON Research Unit at the Warwick Business School, Season 3 will see Talking About Organizations join forces with one of the leading academic journals - the Journal of Management Studies - to discuss eight of their classic articles!

  1. Wright, M. et al. (2005) Emerging Multinationals from Mid-Range Economies: The Influence of Institutional and Factor Markets.
  2. Pettigrew, A. (1987) Context and Action in the Transformation of the Firm.
  3. Starbuck, W. (1992) Learning by Knowledge-Intensive Firms.
  4. Alvesson, M. (1993) Organizations as Rhetoric: Knowledge-Intensive Firms and Struggle with Ambiguity.
  5. Porac, J. et al. (1989) Competitive Groups as Cognitive Communities.
  6. Weick, K. (1988) Enacted Sensemaking in Crisis Situations.
  7. Simon, H. (1967) The Business School: A Problem in Organizational Design.
  8. Willmott, H. (1993) Strength is Ignorance; Slavery is Freedom: Managing Culture in Modern Organizations.

And, as an additional bonus, we are going to be joined by the authors of these articles for almost every episode! So you get to hear straight from the source!

Also, we have some new people joining the podcast! You may have listened to the introduction to three new semi-regular hosts (Tom, Joe, and Ella), but there are also a couple other enthusiastic listeners who decided to get involved! One of them is Yousaf, who will be taking over and developing our social media. We are so excited to have him and do urge you to welcome him to the immediate podcast team!

Finally, we all wish you Joyful Holidays, a very Merry Christmas and a magical New Year! Have a great 2017!



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