E15: Special on Doing Interesting Research - Jorgen Sandberg

What is it about research that makes it interesting? Or, rather, at which point does a study become interesting (or not)? The more common answer to these questions would most certainly place emphasis on the results and outcomes of a study - i.e. the research is interesting if the findings are interesting. In their 2013 book - Constructing Research Questions: Doing interesting research - Mats Alvesson and Jorgen Sandberg propose that the focal point of what contributes to something being interesting is found way before any results or implications - it is found in the assumptions that go into the design of the research. 

Join us as we sit down with Professor Jorgen Sandberg to talk about his book, interesting research and about how and why one might pursue it. This book is just as relevant for new researchers and research students as it is for more seasoned academics (albeit for different reasons). It highlights the importance of creativity and self-awareness when formulating research questions and gives the owner of the book practical tools for how to make their research more interesting!