E14: Simply Managing, by Henry Mintzberg (Part 2)

A very exciting episode featuring Prof Henry Mintzberg! In this conversation we discussed Simply Managing (2013), which is an updated study of managers conducted by Henry Mintzberg based on observing 29 managers at all levels of organizations across a range of industries and organizational structures: business, government, healthcare, and pluralistic organizations such as museums and NGO’s. It is condensed version of his earlier book - Managing, which was published in 2009. Both books address management as it is actually practiced, which Henry found to be quite different from how management scholars write about it. Simply Managing is designed to be of greatest use to practitioners, with an entertaining style and lots of boldface type to emphasize key points clearly.

In Part 2 of the episode we go through the book in a more systematic way, discussing gossip, technology and some of the interpretative models proposed by the book. At the end of the episode Henry once more outlines his views on management and education. 

Sit down with us for a conversation with Henry Mintzberg about management and Simply Managing!