E12: On the Value of Conferences (Part 1)

Our very first Special episode has arrived! Join Dmitrijs and Ralph as they talk to Professors Paul Duguid of UC, Berkeley and Emma Bell of Keele University about things like learning, education, unconferences, power and norms, race and gender, MOOC's, and, most of all, about whether conferences are well suited to do what they are supposed to do!

Paul Duguid and Emma Bell are exceptional scholars and fantastic people, so we really cannot recommend this conversation highly enough! Paul is most famous for shaping our understanding of how information is socially subjective, and Emma is doing some excellent work on media, power and this exciting concept of 'unconferences'.

This episode took place during the OLKC 2016 conference in St Andrews, Scotland and we thank Gail Greig, Kevin Orr and Christopher Mueller of Saint Andrews University, as well as the OLKC Board, for hosting it.