Carnegie Mellon School Series: An Introduction

Upcoming Episode 4 is going to be focused on the “Carnegie Mellon School” with a special emphasis on organizational routines. You will note that the structure of Episode 4, and the episodes on this subject that follow, is slightly different because we have chosen to explore the ‘entire’ school by focusing on single key topics, which are identified across texts and authors. This is mostly because the authors within this tradition are not famous for just one work but have given rise to a series of what are considered to be seminal works. In this sense the Carnegie Mellon School resembles a small community of scholars in, what was at that time, a minor institution from which fundamental intellectual cornerstones emerged and which still have a great influence over management and organization studies (and many other fields as well!).

Listen to this short introduction to find our more about how such episodes are going to work and about why we decided to pay such close attention to Carnegie Mellon School in particular.