E4: Carnegie Mellon Series - Organizational Routines (Part 1)

In Episode 4 we are discussing the origins of organizational routines with the help of our special guest Dr Katharina Dittrich. Organizational routines are ways to reduce complexity and distribute learning throughout the organization. The idea is simple - once a problem occurred often enough and a solution has been found, the solving of this problem can become routinised so that employees no longer have to 'reinvent the wheel'. Corporate procedures such as hiring and firing and order processing are some of the examples.

Join us for part 1 of this fascinating discussion as Dmitrijs inadvertently finds himself playing a role of devil's advocate as Katharina delivers a stunning amount of knowledge about routines. Also, see if you can spot a monkey making a brief (uninvited) appearance!  

To learn more about the Carnegie Mellon School Series listen to the announcement from two weeks ago, and to learn more about the readings check out Katharina's supplement to episode 4!