E3: What People Want - Maslows Theory of Human Motivation (Part 2)

We conclude our discussion on the Theory of Human Motivation by A.H. Maslow by looking in more depth at, for instance, what is it that the 'pyramid' is aimed at, what are the underlying assumptions embedded in it about human nature and 'good' human nature, and why should we still care about this theory. Learn about how different organizations address the most basic needs from two very different experiences of Ralph and Dmitrijs, and find out what is one of Pedro's most favourite dishes. Also, take a look at the hierarchy of needs through Miranda's entrepreneurial lens. 

We hope we motivated you enough to join us for this very enjoyable Part 2 of Episode 3 on the Theory of Human Motivation, and to think about works discussed in Episode 1 and Episode 2 through this more in-depth analysis of what makes people tick.