E29: Summary of Herb Simon's JMS Classic

Join Tom for a summary of our conversation with the wonderful Denise Rousseau about Herbert Simon's JMS Classic on Business Schools! Make sure to listen to this one if you don't have the time to get through the main episode just yet as the discussion about management education and the many underlying factors that we have had with Denise is really key!

E29: Designing Business Schools, by Herb Simon (Part 2)

In this part of the conversation with the wonderful Denise Rousseau we plunge into the deep end of what business schools are for, what are the moral foundations for management education, the role and value of authority, and the dichotomy between individual vs environmental interpretation of a person. We also discuss the relationship of business schools with actual businesses and talk about coaching and development. All in all, a fascinating episode full of reflections about management as a profession!

Announcement: First ever TAOP Prize Draw!

Listeners! We are so excited to announce a First ever official Talking About Organizations Prize Draw! Exciting!

All you need to do in order to enter is go on iTunes (or any other podcast directory you are listening through) and leave the podcast a review! As soon as you submit your review, we will enter you into a prize draw and one super lucky listener is going to win... (drumroll) a special signed copy of Stupidity Paradox by Mats Alvesson and Andre Spicer (signed by Mats Alvesson)! Wow! 

The book, contributed by Mats especially for this event, is not only an amazing text to have, but a historical piece of podcast memorabilia! So go out there and leave a review! Win a book! A signed book! Signed especially for you! Just make sure to do this before 30 June, when the Prize Draw will close!

E29: Designing Business Schools, by Herb Simon (Part 1)

Please join us for this very interesting conversation with the fascinating Denise Rousseau about Herbert Simon's JMS Classic - The Business School: A Problem in Organizational Design (1967). In this episode we touch upon the now pervasive issues of managerial education, the value of teaching administration, as well as the origins of how management became an institutionalized profession.

Also, learn about Herbert Simon as a person from anecdotes recounted by Denise, and hear what she has to say on these, and many other topics!

E28: Organizations as Rhetoric (Part 1)

For our sixth Journal of Management Studies Classic episode we discussed a set of articles by Professor Mats Alvesson on Organizations as Rhetoric. Focusing on the original work published in 1993, we were very pleased to welcome Mats himself as a guest on this episode!

In this paper, Mats made a series of critical claims to highlight ‘the politics and rhetoric of professions’, as opposed to an ‘essentialist’ view of organizations (Alvesson, 1993: 999). Central to his observations is a notion that although organizational knowledge is seen as key to to organizational performance, there is little grounding or relationship to external reality of such knowledge. 

So, if you're interested in critical management, epistemology or anything to do with identity construction, we highly recommend that you listen to what Mats has to say on these topics!

E27: Context and Action in the Transformation of the Firm (Part 2)

Join us for the second part of the conversation about Journal of Management Studies Classic article - 'Context and Action in the Transformation of the Firm' - with Andrew Pettigrew. In this part we go into more depth in discussing management, transformational leadership and the role and nature of context. Andrew is a wonderful guest with much to say so make sure to listen to this one!