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Whether you are looking for discussions of classical works in management and organization studies, debates on more contemporary issues, interviews with authors and peers, perspectives on management through the lens of history and culture, our growing portfolio of episodes is sure to have something for everyone!

45: Fate of Whistleblowers – C. Fred Alford

With Special Guest Dr. Marianna Fotaki The ability to speak up and do what’s right is embedded in our claimed social norms. Like cheering on an underdog in sport,...

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44: Transaction Costs and Boundaries of the Firm – Williamson and Malone

Following on a theme from the previous episode, we explore an important reading that bridges organization theory with economics. This was the explicit aim of Oliver E. Williamson’s famous...

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43: Centralization/Decentralization Debate – The Federalist Papers

For this episode, we decided to do something very different! A debate about centralization vs. decentralization in organizations using a very important historical document as our lens. The theme...

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42: Carnegie Mellon Series #5 – Organizational Learning

Welcome to Season 5! In this episode, we discuss Barbara Levitt and James G. March’s article “Organizational Learning,” published in the 1988 edition of the Annual Review of Sociology. Although the...

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A wonderful podcast on org theory, covering a range of critical topics/readings that define organisation and management studies; run by the best of our young scholars. Listen in!
Maja Korica
Associate Professor at Warwick Business School, UK
Here is a very worthwhile initiative - an impressive number of podcasts about organizational theory conducted by PhD students and junior faculty. Some big names in org theory make guests appearances...
Nicolai J. Foss
Professor at Bocconi University, Italy
The portions I heard were excellent with both depth and continuity. This is a valuable project and this is well executed.
Karl E. Weick
Professor Emeritus at University of Michigan, US


Meet the voices behind the microphones, the brains behind the podcast, the ultimate motley crew of academia, audacious mavericks of organization studies, and, above all else, your fellow scholars eager to make sense of management theory and practice one podcast episode at a time!

Dmitrijs Kravcenko

A philosophically inclined social epistemologist specializing in organizational memory and sociomateriality of work in complex settings, Dmitrijs is currently Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Sussex, UK.

Ralph Soule

Ralph (also known as "Rafael") is a retired United States Navy Captain. He holds a Doctorate in Human and Organizational Learning from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Pedro Monteiro

Pedro is an award-winning ethnographer of work and organizations focused on bureaucracy/formal organizational structures. He is currently Postdoctoral Researcher at EM Lyon, FR.

Tom Galvin

Tom is an Assistant Professor of leadership studies at the U.S. Army War College, and is the managing editor of WAR ROOM online journal. He teaches strategic leadership, defense management, leading organizational change and strategic communication

Miranda Lewis

Currently a PhD student at the University of Warwick Business School in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation group, Miranda's research looks at top management teams and the nexus between cognition and growth literature.

Ella Hafermalz

Ella is Assistant Professor of Digital Innovation with the KIN Research Centre at VU Amsterdam, NL. Her main research interest is how technology is being integrated into the workplace and how we maintain a sense of belonging when we work together digitally.

Gretta Corporaal

A sociologist of work and organizations, Gretta’s academic interests center around the future of work and how digital technologies enable new models of work and organizing to emerge. Her current research is an ethnography of the creation and adoption of online labor platforms.

Jarryd Daymond

Jarryd is a Research Associate and PhD student in Work and Organisational Studies at The University of Sydney Business School. His research examines strategy practices in organisations and collaborative work across boundaries, which are areas he first became interested in while consulting on immersive workshop processes.

For sophisticated and engaging discussions of organization theory, look no further than the Talking About Organizations site. Highly recommended!
Chris Grey
Professor at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
TAOP blends the best of modern technology with the joys of the old-fashioned conversation. It gave me permission to slow down, pour a glass of sherry, snuggle in a comfortable chair, listen in and take an occasional note, knowing I could share my thoughts later on its blog
Albie M. Davis
Writer and former Director of Mediation for the Massachusetts District Courts, US
TAOP has become my virtual Organizational Studies network that I have access to from the comfort of my own daily routines. Highly recommend it!
Raluca Stana
PhD Fellow at IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
I found the podcast refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. The conversation was insightful, instructive and the comments often sharp and perceptive. I am really impressed
Davide Nicolini
Professor at Warwick Business School, UK
This is a brilliant podcast, building upon the idea that a lot of management scholars actually have no time to read the original masterpieces in their field. Here, we get them presented in a neat package, including a critical analysis of content as well as applicability and relevance
Daniel Semper
Research Fellow at WU Vienna, Austria
I found the Talking About Organizations podcasts an excellent and very engaging way of introducing both classical and contemporary organization and management theories
Jörgen Sandberg
Professor at University of Queensland Business School, Australia

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