Introduction to the JMS Classics Series

For Episodes 25-30, we teamed up with the Journal of Management Studies to create a series around their Classic Articles.  The Journal of Management Studies is a leading outlet in the field of management, having published some of the most lasting and influential research that shaped the field of management studies and continues to influence new generations of scholars. 

In this series, we wanted to focus on the authors as much as on their writing, so every episode (except the last one) features as a special guest either the original author or the author of a commentary article. Uniquely, because we committed to doing JMS Classics series in its entirety, this was also a journey of discovery for us as some of the articles here out of our traditional envelope! That being said, there are some truly fascinating episodes here that shed light both on the thinking process of the authors, their motivations for writing these works, and their reflections over the years, as well as on the opinions and thoughts of the authors of the commentary articles. If you ever wondered what Bill Starbuck or Andrew Pettigrew thought about when writing some of their most cited work, this series is definitely for you!

Below are the episodes in this series:

30: Corporate Culturalism

Corporate culturalism … preys upon the vulnerability of modern individuals who … are burdened with the responsibility of choosing between ‘a puzzling diversity of options and possibilities’ … but lack access to the resources needed to respond to this...

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29: Carnegie Mellon Series #3 – Designing Business Schools, by Herb Simon

For this episode we were joined by the wonderful Denise M. Rousseau to discuss Herbert Simon’s article “The Business School: A Problem in Organizational Design,” published in 1967. This was written at a time when the business school enterprise was facing difficulties...

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28: Organizations as Rhetoric

For our sixth Journal of Management Studies Classic article we discussed a set of articles by Professor Mats Alvesson on Organizations as Rhetoric. Focusing on the original work published in 1993, we were very pleased to welcome Mats himself...

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27: Context and Action in the Transformation of the Firm

Our Season 3 series of classic articles from the Journal of Management Studies continues with Episode 27 on “Context and Action in the Transformation of the Firm,” written by Professor Andrew Pettigrew OBE and published in 1987. Andrew joined us for...

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26: Enacted Sensemaking in Crisis Situations

In this fourth Season 4 episode, we will be discussing another classic from the Journal of Management Studies (JMS) entitled “Enacted Sensemaking in Crisis Situations” (1988) by Karl Weick. The podcast team had the pleasure to be joined by our...

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25: Competitive Groups as Cognitive Communities

In this third Season 3 episode, we discuss a classic paper from the Journal of Management Studies (JMS) entitled “Competitive Groups as Cognitive Communities the case of Scottish Knitwear Manufacturers” (1989) by Joseph Porac, Howard Thomas, and Charles Baden-Fuller....

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