Carnegie Mellon School Series

The Carnegie Mellon School refers to a group of scholars that have worked/studied/were associated with the Graduate School of Administration (GSIA) of the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh in the of 1950's and 1960's. Its main exponents (but not the only ones!) are James March (‘the’ star in organization theory still alive); Hebert Simon (Nobel laureate for the work on decision making / boundary rationality); and Richard Cyert (not only a great academic but also the Dean and person behind the transformation of Carnegie from a technical school to a major university as it is today).

The work of these authors is clearly important to organization and management issues but it goes beyond disciplinary boundaries having had an impact in economics, public policy, computer science, psychology and others. As a matter of fact, the school was founded on the idea that “to explain organizations, it was necessary to have an integrative understanding of how psychology, economics, sociology, and political science all shape organizational decisions and outcomes”.

Here, at Talking About Organizations, we pay homage to this great intellectual tradition by bringing you a dedicated series of episodes on the pioneering works and ideas that came out of the Carnegie Mellon School. 


Episodes in the Carnegie Mellon School Series are:

Episode 4: Organizational Routines featuring Katharina Dittrich 

Episode 19: Organizational Learning (EXPLORATION & EXPLOITATION)

Episode 29: Designing Business Schools, by Herb Simon featuring Denise Rousseau

Episode 39: Organizational Choice


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