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What makes this book special?

Unlike traditional textbooks, which synthesize approaches and theories as a matter-of-fact, the TAOP book is going to build on the best traditions of the podcast to present selected ideas with direct reference to original sources, parallel traditions, and links with contemporary developments in management and organization studies. When published, we intend this will be an easily accessible yet academically rigorous publication that incorporates inputs from all those interested in management and organization theory.

  • A Crowdsourced Book. This book is going to be almost entirely crowdsourced! The podcast is what it is because of the listeners and because of the incredible TAOP community. Thus, we would like to take this opportunity to engage everyone even more! All of our listeners and anyone else interested in these themes is welcome to contribute!

  • A Conversational Approach. TAOP has a conversational style in which podcasters explore ideas of a given author/text from various perspectives. We hope to maintain this spirit in the book, and we encourage all contributors to engage in dialogue with the text and with one another.

  • The Classics Connection. Following the core tradition in the podcast, the book will place considerable focus on earlier scholarship. However, our goal is not to merely interpret or present those works, but also to explore connections with theoretical and practical issues in modern-day management practice.

How will the book be produced?

The book will have ten chapters plus an introduction and a conclusion. Chapter themes were selected on the basis of podcast episodes which seem to be most popular with listeners. An editor will curate each chapter (except introduction and conclusion), and everyone is welcome to contribute, Wikipedia-style! The online platform will close in late Spring 2019, when editors will collate all contributions into a final version (including a list of everyone who contributed, so do not forget to add your name)! The book editors will then apply some finishing touches to bring all the text together and submit the book for copy editing and publication by SAGE. The final book will be published in early 2020.

How to Contribute?

Beginning with Monday, 28th May we are opening up Chapter 6 — Understanding Structure via Bureaucracy and Weber (edited by Pedro Monteiro) for a trial of the crowdsourcing process. Starting with one Chapter will allow us to learn more about the mechanisms, challenges, and opportunities of crowdsourcing a book through the TAOP community.

We expect this trial to close by the end of Summer 2018 and open the rest of the book for collective writing shortly after!

The Crowdsourcing Portal

The Crowdsourcing portal is a Google Drive folder hosted on the TAOP account. It contains a series of google docs, including a Table of Contents and, importantly, and the About document which outlines the book and guidelines for contributing. Please read this document before adding text to the Chapter(s) of choice.

Another important document is List of Contributors. Please add your name (mandatory) and affiliation (optional) under each of the chapters you contributed. Please use the following format: Surname, Name. Affiliation (optional), Country code.