Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
— Henry Ford

Today is a significant event for the four of us as we summon the courage and trip over with excitement to bring Talking About Organizations to you, our listeners. To be sure, coming together was a beginning for us. A tangible beginning when we sat down by our microphones to record that first episode some of us never even having met!

We are very different in many ways, which is something that we think will make our conversations worth listening to, but we do share a common passion for making this podcast in a very particular way. To put it simply, we want to create something for the betterment of our community and of interested people in general. To find out more about us, please refer to Episode 0. Primarily, all of us want to bring forth new ideas from iconic texts on which management and organization studies so comfortably rest. Many of the texts we are going to read are famous. And many are persistently unread. As we recognize this we must confess that we are usually with those who know about but do not read. But this is what is going to make this interesting...

We are not experts in the vast majority of texts we will read. We are probably experts, or at least recognizably knowledgeable,  in other things. We have not studied the texts on our agenda. We have most certainly read so much about them. Some of us have decades of experience while others develop theory for a living. And everything in between. 

The beauty of this podcast is that we are going to be reading the texts we pick just a week or two before discussing them. As we talk about, and reflect on, our impressions of them and work through some of the things we did not understand or found interesting that very familiar conversational magic will occur. You know, the one when you spot that thing you never thought of while talking to an educated friend or colleague. That is what we are here for. This is what we do. And we want you to have the opportunity to do it too, through listening to us. 

As we progress forward we are going to have guests and special discussion. We are going to talk to experts or very colourful individuals, or frequently both. We will discuss canonical classics and we will talk about books and TV series. We will have fun and, hopefully, so will you! Talk to us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook and we will make this podcast together. Because we recognize that you, our dear listener, is just as much part of the conversation as we are. And we can only succeed if we learn and manage to work together!

We hope you are going to love this as much as we do! And if you do, please leave us a lovely review (those help a lot!) and tell your friends to check us out.

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Please enjoy!


Warmest wishes,

Dmitrijs, Ralph, Pedro & Miranda